Peter Christie, Durie House, Fife

Peter Christie, Laird of Durie House near Leven in Fife, grew up knowing Russell Kirk. Christie’s father and mother were fast friends of Kirk, and when he was only 16, young Peter came to Mecosta to find the wonders of rural Michigan. It left him changed and with a sense of a second home in all the world.

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5 thoughts on “Peter Christie, Durie House, Fife

  1. I have just listened to Peter Christie about Russell
    Kirk. Very interesting and fantastic! Even more fantastic is that Peter is an old friend of mine who I have not seen for many many years. Could you please send him my regards? Anikka Kinnerud Sweden

    1. I am doing miltary research and have written a book about the 71st Fraser Highland Regiment. There was an officer, James Christie of Durie, in this regiment. I have quite a few details and am keen to correspond with the Laird of Durie about this.
      Ed Brumby in Elgin.

  2. Anikka,

    Peter is my father, still in good health and living in Scotland.

    Would like to hear from you.

    Rob Christie

    1. Dear Rob
      I would very much like to know more about who owned and ran Durie House in the 1880s – was the estate in your family at that time?
      My great-great grandmother was a domestic servant in the house at that time.
      Kind regards
      Mark Taylor

  3. Dear Peter, the summer of 1949, I was 19 at the time and you a young boy
    awating my arrival with a bag of water on the top of the stairs to drop on me.
    I arrived late and you and James had gone to bed before I turned up.
    I was supposed to help in the garden, also had breakfast and lunch at the
    the garderners. My room was on the bottomfloor, to the right.
    I have very clear memory of the stay amd I am grateful toyour parents givimg me this opportunity.
    I also remember Carl-Otto Lövén andClaes Wachtmeister.
    Your mother being in the board of Methil Square Center helped me to be
    a member of that club.. In charge was Miss Betty Watson, later Mrs Gale, now living in Edinburgh.We still keep contact, and also with son
    Iain Gale. I belive somone of your family alsosee Mrs Gale.

    With every good wish – Hoff Sven Hedlund, Leksand, Sweden

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