Video Recordings

These films of Russell Kirk came from a variety of sources. Some of them are mine, but other came from Donovan Reynolds, who in the early 1990s set about to interview some of the heavy hitters of the Conservative Movement, most of them people who knew Russell well, some for Decades.

As well, there is an outstanding repository of films of Russell from Hillsdale College (HIllsdale, MI). Russell was a regular speaker there and these films represent the best collection of his lectures we have so far found. We hope you will both enjoy and profit from them.

As always, contributions to the Kirk Center are welcomed. To do that, you’d go here. And while you’re there you might want to see what else is going on at Piety Hill.

3 thoughts on “Video Recordings

  1. My 1975 edition of The Roots of American Order indicates that Pepperdine consider making a film series based on Dr Kirk’s book.

    Did that ever happen? and are they available for pubic viewing?

    Dana in GA

    1. Dear Dana:

      You are indeed correct that the film was in the offing…and they got as far as detailed plans, a script by Russell, illustrative stills…and then not enough money was raised to complete it. I have Annette’s blessing to go ahead with the project. But I don’t have any more money that they did for the project. Wanna make a movie?

    2. No, Dana, it hasn’t happened yet and it’s something that I have looked into with Annette’s blessing. In fact, we made a trailer of what the project could look like. There are funding issues, of course (that’s what stalled the project the first time), and time to dedicate to the project. The costs to undertake this effort have actually dropped significantly because of digital filmmaking. So, we’ll see what might happen.

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